Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haircut styles are back with Jessica Simpson story

Ever dreamt of having hairstyle like Jessica Simpson? Well now this can become reality! Jessica Simpson has teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Ken Pavés, to produce the hair extensions that herself wears! Ken Pavés calls Jessica Simpson his 'muse', as she's always prepared to try something new. New hairstyle, change of length or color, that's not a problem for Jessica. So Jessica inspired the clip-in extensions that Ken designed for HairDo – the company they established together and these extensions are probably the easiest way to get lovely hair

Hair extensions system from Jessica Simpson
What are the hair extensions like?

Each hair extension is a single hairpiece that allows you to create a completely new and unique haircut by simply clipping it into your own hair. Each extension has layers which results in completely natural look. And one more thing, the hair is on a stretchy 'cap' so that one size fits all.

What are the extension made from?
There are two types of material. The first one is so called "human hair extension" which is made from Indian Temple hair. This hair is considered by hairstylists as the top quality hair. Hair is 21 inches long and can be professionally colored or permed. This hair extensions should be washed with gentle shampoo and conditioner – just like your own hair- and then left to air dry.The other four hair extensions are made from Vibralite - a modacrylic fiber which is the best quality synthetic fiber on the market.

Post Title Haircut styles are back with Jessica Simpson story

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